SHANG-CHI AND THE TEN RINGS By Gene Luen Yang, Marcus To (Illustrator), Dike Ruan (Cover design or artwork by) Cover Image


By Gene Luen Yang, Marcus To (Illustrator), Dike Ruan (Cover design or artwork by)


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The true origin of the Ten Rings! Shang-Chi has gained possession of some of the most powerful weapons in the universe, but so much concentrated energy has not gone unnoticed. Every bounty hunter, assassin and evil syndicate in the Marvel Universe is coming to take the Rings from him! Bad timing for Shang-Chi's old flame, Leiko Wu, to show up with a mission to rescue their old spy ally, Clive Reston. Can Shang-Chi save his friend while protecting the Ten Rings at the same time? Don't count on it! The responsibility and the truth about his deadly weapons may be too much for him to bear as the stage is set for the fight of Shang-Chi's life! The Game of Rings is afoot! Collecting SHANG-CHI AND THE TEN RINGS #1-6 and SHANG-CHI: MASTER OF THE TEN RINGS #1.
Gene Luen Yang is an acclaimed cartoonist and experienced lecturer on the subjects of comic books and graphic novels. In 2016, the Library of Congress named him Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, and he became only the third graphic novelist to receive the MacArthur Fellowship. Yang’s American Born Chinese won an Eisner Award, among many other accolades, and he has earned acclaim at DC with works including New Superman — starring the Chinese Superman, Kong Kenan — and Superman Smashes the Klan. Yang contributed to the anthology series Strange Tales and Strange Tales II, but arrived properly at Marvel by writing his first Shang-Chi series and its immediate follow-up.

Born in Alberta, Marcus To has been drawing since childhood but never dreamed he would be able to do it professionally. In 2009, he made the move to Toronto; that same year, he started working for DC. In 2010, he joined the Royal Academy of Illustration and Design studio in downtown Toronto. To’s Marvel credits include Black Panther, New Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: Blue and New Warriors, but Excalibur is his longest and most acclaimed run.
Product Details ISBN: 9781302948351
ISBN-10: 1302948350
Publisher: Marvel Universe
Publication Date: April 11th, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English